Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Insight 03: Relationships are not for me

Note: This post is sexually explicit. Those below the age of 18 please don’t read any further. You’ve been warned.
I fall in love for the wrong reason - great sex.
Take W for example. W was a stranger working in a strange land. She’s absolutely gorgeous , 5ft 9” and an amazing figure to boot. I wanted to sleep with her on our first date but she insisted that we should wait till our 3rd date. We went to a club on the 3rd date and we both had an Ecstasy pill. When we kissed it seemed that we were melting into each other.
So we went back to my place and we had sex from 4 till 7 in the morning. You see, the anti-depressant pills that I’ve been prescribed makes it very hard for me to cum. Besides, we shared the same ideals and the same sense of humour. We were a great couple.
The second time we had wild sex. We did it on the balcony of her apartment which had a view of the entire city. After that, we also did it on her boss’s table and a public toilet.
A couple of months later, W told me that her company wanted to post her to country that’s in a different continent altogether. Without hesitating I told her that I love her and I want her to stay. She told me that she felt the same way too.
So we rented an apartment and moved in together. She’s great at networking and soon she managed to get a job here as well. The problem was that I quickly got bored of seeing her day in and day out. Our sex life went from doing it daily, to 2-3 times a week, then to 3-4 times a month. After 3 years of cohabitation, we had sex probably once a month at best.
I was also very stressed out because my working hours were so long. I would get into the office at 9 a.m. and leave about 10 p.m. Most weeks I had to work on Saturday as well. I was exhausted and depressed for more than a year. W was an angel and she tried to cheer me up whenever I’m feeling low. She was with me through thick and thin.
But after 3 years of being together she knew that I’ve fallen out of love with her. She moved out of the apartment and I didn’t even make any attempts to stop her. Half a year later she moved back to her own country.
Then Y came along. I thought Y was cute so I asked her out. We went back to her place after our first date and had great sex. Y and I were intellectually compatible and we had the same kind of humour. She was staying alone in her apartment and after 3 months of seeing each other I asked her to move in with me since we were spending so much time together and we could split the rent. Sounded like a good idea to me.
I soon realised that Y is a selfish person. When we’re having sex, I’m the one who have to do most of the work. She likes to have multiple orgasms so she’ll ask me to keep banging her till she cums and cums again. My abdominal and leg muscles ache from trying to satisfy her.
But the worse thing was that she turned into an obsessive person. She was working at a sales job which gave her plenty of free time and nothing else to do but to disturb me. When I go out for drinks with my guy friends she would ask me why I don’t take her with me. Once she even threatened to kill herself because I rather have drinks with my friend then to be with her.
I was depressed because of her obsessive behaviour. We had numerous fights and finally I threw her out. The instant she was out of my life I felt that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I was so happy that I became productive at work and I had great nights out with my friends.
I’ve finally learned my lesson and from then onwards I’ve never had any more serious relationships. I went out with a few women purely for sex and when I grew tired of them I wouldn’t pick up their calls or sometimes I would even erase them from my facebook.
From time to time, I would also pay for sex. The best thing about it is that nobody gets hurt and I could have anything that I fancy – big tits, perky tits, come-fuck-me looks, girls with glasses, big ass, long legs, girls who licked my ass and let me cum in their mouth.
In the movie Days of Being Wild, a suave Andy Lau approached a beautiful but reserved-looking Maggie Cheung and asked her to stare at the clock on the wall for one minute. She was puzzled but did what she was told. After staring at the clock for a minute, Andy Lau told Maggie Cheung “From now onwards, we’re one minute friends.”
A few times the prostitute that I had sex with have asked me if I wanted her to be my girlfriend. I told her that she could be my girlfriend for 45 minutes.

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