Thursday, 21 June 2012

Insight 02: The Loneliness of A Long Distance Runner

One of my favourite movies of all time is Chungking Express (directed by Wong Kar-Wai). It starts off like this:

A guy is talking on a payphone.

Chi Moo: Mrs Chen? This is Chi Moo.

It's not May I'm looking for. It's you I'm calling.

I'm OK. Yes, I'll give her time to get over it. I'm sure she will call me when she's ready. Please don't tell her that I called.

You're going to watch a movie? I won't keep you.

Is Mr Chen there?

Mr Chen? This is Chi Moo.

No, don't get May!

How's your cough?

You need to go? I won't keep you then. Don't tell May I called!

Is her sister there?

No? Please pass on my regards.

Chi Moo's monologue: We all have our habits.

Mine is to wait here for May to get off work.

The boss here says May looks like a Japanese star. That's why she likes to come here.

I split up with her recently. She complained that I no longer look like myself.

Chi Moo is on the payphone again, but this time he's holding a pager in his hand: Any messages for me?

Password is "Undying Love"

Ming called? Or you mean May? Spell it.

M-I-N-G or M-A-Y?

You're sure you got it right? Yes? Don't you know English?

Chi Moo slams the phone down. He make another call: Ming? I guess May asked you to call.Tell her not to worry, I'm fine. I'm taking good care of myself.

She can call me anytime she wants. No need to trouble you.

She didn't?

So why are you paging me?


Are you heartbroken again?

No? Then why go jogging?

A race? You're crazy!

Jogging is private. You don't jog with an audience.

Forget it!

Chi Moo's monologue: We're all unlucky in love at times.

When I am, I go jogging.

The body losses water when you jog.

So you have none left for tears.

- Scene Ends -

I can totally relate to Chi Moo. I use to be a long distance runner.

And I'm lonely as well. I wish I can speak to May but I don't even know who she is.

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