Friday, 6 July 2012

Fundamental 04: Laughter is the best supplementary medicine

It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed so hard.
Let me introduce you to Frank (aka. Diggy) @ADignorantium. Diggy is an American and a fervent player of #HashTagGames. My favourite Diggy anecdotes are:
“Mary Poppin' pills #PsychologyFilms”
“The Girl with the Dragon Palace Menu #LowBudgetSequels
“The Out-of-DownTowners #TouristTrapMovies ...starring Sandy-beach Dennis”
On the other side of the pond is Park Bench @dognabbit. His profile reads “Would-be comedian. Would-be engineer. Not to be confused with a Would-be Wood Bee.” Here are some of my favourite jokes from Park Bench:
“It's so disappointing when you scan your backside on the photocopier, as an office prank, and it automatically selects A3 paper.”
“Think I know why I'm so miserable. My girlfriend's full-cup bra is half empty.”
“Had an plan to sort out my finances this month, and not waste any money on recreational drugs, but it's all gone to pot.”
I’m sure laughter is what a good doctor would have ordered. But I have to warn you of the side-effects which include Twitter addiction and incontrollable hysterics!


  1. Thank you for such high praise. I am honored.
    Please use twitter responsibly. I too, use twitter to help chase the demons away. But because I'm very passionate about various issues, I sometimes find myself in the middle of heated debates. The trick is to not take things so seriously.